US Government and Mainstream Media Indictment Document

The Grand Jurors of  The People of these United States of America, duly selected, impaneled, sworn, charged and organized as such at the 1st Term,of the 1st District Court of public opinion of said United States of America, upon their oaths present in and to said Court, that on or about the 14 day of December, 2012, and before the presentation of this indictment, in said United States of America, hereafter Charge the Defendants, did then and there unlawfully, intentionally or knowingly deceive the people of the United States of  America by concealing and actively participating in the unlawful goings on in the incident now known as 'The Sandy Hook School Shooting".

And the Grand Jurors aforesaid do further present in and to said Court, that on or about the 14 day of December, 2012, and before the presentation of this indictment, in said Newtown Connecticut, did then and there intentionally or knowingly conspire to deny lawful citizens of the United States of America their Constitutional rights.

CRIME: Sandy Hook School Shooting Hoax

CHARGES: 1) Withholding of Constitutional Rights Under the colour of Law                                            
                    2) High Treason
DEFENDANTS: The United States Government and it's duly appointed Agencies,The Mainstream Media as Co-Conspirators
MOTIVE: To deny the American People their rights to keep and bear arms as guaranteed by the Second Amendment of  the Constitution of the United States of America.
DATE & TIME of CRIME: December 14, 2012 continuing until and at such time that the truth is fully exposed to the American People.

SANDY HOOK - CREATING REALITY: A TNN Redux of a Sofia Smallstorm

Evidence of Green Screen use:
Green Screen from the supposed day of Sandy Hook Shooting (Pictures and Video)
More evidence of Sandy Hook grief scenes shot in Blue Screen studio (Picture)
Sandy Hook Hoax The Green Screen Slip Up (Video)
Sandy Hook Hoax The Planter Box Prop (Video)
Sandy Hook + CNN = GREEN SCREEN HOAX (Anderson gets confronted (Video)
Was Sandy Hook Shooting a Farce? Watch and You Decide! (Video)

Evidence of FEMA and Nation Security Administration on Scene
FEMA 2011 School Shooting Handbook (Document)
Color Coded Sandy Hook Participants     (Pictures, Video)
More Purple Controllers doing their job (Pictures)
The FEMA School Shooting Handbook Says You Must Wear Your Identification Badge During the Exercise (Pictures)
Fema Handbook Says Everyone Must Sign In (Picture)
Anonymous supposed DHS Agent says a School Shooting Exercise was happening at the same time as the alleged real shooting (Screen Shots)
 Refreshments and Restrooms will be available (Pictures, Document)
CNN shows NSA at scene of Sandy Hook School shooting directing action (Video)        

Evidence of Freemason involvement
Sandy Hook ATF agent- Actor- Freemason- Benito Vazquez? (Pictures)
Another Freemason Connection (Pictures)
Sandy Hook Hoax- The Freemason Connection (Video)

Evidence of Police misconduct
Sandy Hook Hoax: 8 questions for Newtown Police Chief Michael Kehoe (Pictures)
The exposing of "Mr and Ms. OH SHIT!" (pictures, Video)
*Sandy Hook Hoax- The Fake ATF Agents and more (Video)
Sandy Hook ATF agent- Actor- Freemason- Benito Vazquez? (Video)
 * Sandy Hook Hollywood Actor (Video)
Super State Trooper Sandy Hook Bloopers Poopers (Video)

Gene Rosen
Police Looking for Man Claiming to be Newtown Bee Reporter (Newspaper story)
*Gene Rosen given crying lesson by Knowshon Moreno (Video)
  Gene Rosen Caught Rehearsing His Lines On Camera! A Must See (Video)

The Parkers
FWOTL T.V. Episode 04-The Sandy Hook Hoax (Video)

Evidence of Bad Acting
I just lost my child but this Sandy Hook Hoax is some funny stuff  (Video)      
Knowshon Moreno shows the Sandy Hook Hoax actors how to cry (Video)
*Gene Rosen given crying lesson by Knowshon Moreno (Video)   Also listed in Gene Rosen  
The Happy Sandy Hook Actors  (Video)

Evidence of Satanism
Sandy Hook murders have satanism written all over it (Newspaper story)
Satanism in Sandy Hook Searching for the Devil (Video)
More Evidence of Satanism in Newtown/Sandy Hook Connecticut (Video)

Evidence of Hollywood
Where did the pole go Joe? More media munipulation (Pictures)
More Hollywood Shit: A costume department f-up (Pictures)
6 year old boy with mak up on to look as if he is injuried at Sandy Hook Shooting scene? (Pictures)
Sandy Hook ATF agent- Actor- Freemason- Benito Vazquez? (Pictures) Also listed in Freemasons
Another Director F-up walks into the Sandy Hook propaganda film (Picture, Video)
Sandy Hook Hoax: Wardrobe change?  (pictures, Video)
*Sandy Hook Hoax- The Fake ATF Agents and more (Video) Also Listed in Police Misconduct
* Sandy Hook Hollywood Actor (Video) Also Listed in Police Misconduct
Sandy Hook Hoax- Hooray For Hollywood (Video)
 Sandy Hook Hoax- Lessons From Austin Powers   (Video)
 *Boston Marathon Bombing The Hero Run Comparison (Video)
*Sandy Hook Hoax- Bloody Boy (Video)
Sandy Hook HOAX:Hello Nick(PART 2) (Video)
Sandy Hook - Mock Terror Drills - Crisis Actors (Video)
PROOF - Sandy Hook Was a Staged Media Hoax -- Anderson Cooper (Video)

Evidence of media involvement
Sandy Hook mom secretly helps 3rd grader remember her lines during interview (Video)
Run for your life phonies (Pictures)
*Boston Marathon Bombing The Hero Run Comparison (Video) Also listed in Hollywood
*Sandy Hook Hoax- Bloody Boy (Video) Also listed in Hollywood
Play SANDY HOOK Jeopardy (Video)

Evidence of a tightly controlled scene
Sandy Hook Hoax- The Photographer and The Controller Part 1 (Video)
Sandy Hook Hoax= The Photographer, the talking to and the push out Part 2 (Video)
 Sandy Hook Hoax- Analyzing the photographer attack Part 1 (Video)
 Sandy Hook Hoax- The Controllers Have a Falling Out (Video)

Evidence that it's all about the money
Sandy Hook Pozner's Troubles The Saga Continues(Video) 
Sandy Hook Death Certificates Released and The Vanishing Donations(Video)
Newtown Parents Announce New Website For More Donations (Video)

Evidence of trying to keep it all secret
Sandy Hook Hoax-Attendance Mandatory!(Video)
Sandy Hook - DA Says MULTIPLE SHOOTERS Adam Lanza may (Video)
Sandy Hook victims' families disappointed with release of 911 calls   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=No6S0sNiYM8(Video)
Newtown Police To Release SEVEN (Out Of How Many?) 911 Calls (Video)
Sandy Hook Elementary Will Be Demolished Today  (Video)
Sandy Hook Ebay items found despite efforts to destroy them(Video)

Random Acts Of Awareness: Why I Think #SandyHook Is A Fraud#links
Sandy Hook Hoax- The Scarecrow Thinks (Video)
Sofia Smallstorm Unraveling Sandy Hook (Video)
Sandy Hook & the Boston Bombing: You're Being Hoodwinked  (Video)
Probing and testing of Newtown's Police and Emergency response prior to Sandy Hook shooting (Newspaper stories)
RE-UP: Media Using Sandy Hook Victim Photo of Girl That is Still Alive(Video)
Connecticut Governor on Secret Trip 1 Year Before Sandy Hook Hoax(Video)
The Sandy Hook Shooting - illuminati Secrets REVEALED (HD) Part (Video)
Sandy Hook's Hollywood Hypocrites and Liars - Demand TRUTH! (Video)


Put on your Detective hat, America needs you!

1) We need your help with finding more color coded Sandy Hook participants in either pictures or videos. Examples can be found here- Color Coded Sandy Hook Participants  

2) We need your help to find people wearing Identification Badges on the Sandy Hook scene like these- ID Badges

3) In the below photo (Which we put together from to Sandy Hook photos see here- Run for your life phonies, but what happen to the child the shadows fall differently can anyone tell me by the shadows which one was shot first?

4) Has anyone seen this FOXNEWS interview with Creepy Gene Rosen form the Fire House on the morning of the shooting it was captured from this video- Loitering woman and kid at the firehouse- Sandy Hook Hoax near the end of the video.
5) Looking for more pictures of the below boy in red
Can anyone Id this lady? She looks like a Soto?- Sandy Hook Hoax- Freemasons and another Soto